Tots can learn STEM in new Stories & Science class

From the beginning, parents are told that reading to babies will help develop language and understanding skills. 

But what about math? Or science? 

Teaching science through literature is how The Laboratory was launched. 

Most of The Laboratory‘s workshops are designed for kindergartners and older. The classes teach everything from the science behind Superheroes to workshops about Harry Potter potions. Occasionally, the Laboratory opens its doors to let adults in on the fun with popups that condense a week’s worth of kid learning into an evening out. 

The Laboratory’s founders, Amy Schwartzbach-Kang and her husband, Ed Kang, said they’ve been approached over the last couple years about starting a class for younger children. The pair have a 3-year-old, and Amy said they wanted to make sure the lesson plans were in place before launching a new program.

Amy said that when the latest set of classes was launched, the concept is to start with the language kids already speak: a bedtime story. 

Using kiddie lit like Dragons Love Tacos and Cloudette, the sessions open with a story and then youngsters use experiments to answer the questions of the day.

Tots as young as 2 1/2 will learn how to use scientific instruments like pipettes. They’ll also learn the scientific language of measuring, estimating and predicting. Parents hang back and help as needed.

Kids are given the opportunity to use observations asked what they think. With pre-class stations that concentrate on math and engineering, tots have the chance to spark their scientific minds. 

If you go

The Laboratory

Science Through Stories, for ages 2 1/2-5 years

2349 W. North Ave., Chicago

Find more information at

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