Rogers Park grocery stores with international flair

Growing up in the diverse Rogers Park area meant learning about other countries at a young age. My kindergarten class included kids from all over the world, and I grew up alongside people who were deeply connected to roots from places such as Greece and India, plus just about everywhere else you could spin a globe and randomly put your finger on. 

Now that I am raising my toddler Isaiah in the same area, I enjoy introducing him to different cultures, too. So what better way to dive right in than on our trips to grocery stores?

City Fresh Market

3201 W. Devon Ave.


This market is near and dear to my heart because it was our go-to spot during my newlywed days with my husband. We revisited recently with our toddler along for the ride and picked up some delicious food with European and Mediterranean flair. This store is cozy, so I would suggest leaving any extra baby gear at home to make your trip as streamlined as possible. The small produce section usually has a few good finds and tends to be affordable. 

We picked up some stuffed grape leaves and sausage. This small store does not mess around when it comes to sausage. They have quite a variety! We love the feta cheese and Kalamata olives from the deli. While you are there, check out the solid bread stash that includes my faves such as real deal rye bread and whole wheat pita. We also picked up some out-of-this-world French bread in the bakery, and I wish I could tell you that we did not devour the entire thing when we arrived home. The pack of kolacky cookies in a variety of flavors was an impulse buy, and I’m glad that I threw that treat into our cart, because they were delicious.   

Morelia Supermarket

7300 N. Western Ave.


If Taco Tuesday is a thing at your place, this grocery store will have everything you need. The produce section is not huge, but there are always a ton of hot peppers to choose from. If you have kiddos that are learning Spanish, you can hear it floating through the air, and they can even read it on the signs. 

They have yummy Mexican cheese, and we have enjoyed the pre-made guacamole. While we have found many great items, the No. 1 reason that we stop by is for the tortillas. They make corn and flour tortillas in the store, so you can take them home warm and try really hard not to eat them all while you prepare your taco feast. 

Cermak Fresh Market

6623 Damen Ave.


Cermak Fresh Market has a spacious layout that makes navigating with a little one and baby gear easy. Recently, Isaiah and I walked over through Warren Park, which has plenty of options for a pre-shop wiggle session. The dining area and bathrooms nearby were ideal to regroup when we arrived. 

The best part about Cermak is the produce section, because it is huge and has reasonably priced items from around the world. We used to play a game where on each trip to Cermak, we would choose a produce item that we had never tried and cook it up. Another thing I enjoy about Cermak is that a majority of the aisles are arranged by country. Whether it’s fragrant curries or delicate rice noodles, you can find food from across the globe at this international food haven. 

There is a world of incredible food out there, and a visit to any one of these markets can easily spice up your family meals. Nosh away! 

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