6 children’s books that tell the story of Purim

This month we celebrate Purim, the most joyous and festive holiday in the Jewish calendar that’s marked by dressing up in costumes, eating hamantashen and giving gifts to those in need. While the story of Purim is actually a little heavy for kids (there’s violence, betrayal and death), these child-friendly books put an age-appropriate spin on the origins of the holiday and how it is celebrated.

“The Better Than Best Purim”

Best for ages: 3-7

A lady asks her animals to help make her famous “better-than-best hamantashen” but everyone is too busy. Unbeknownst to her, the animals are hard at work preparing for a surprise Purim party. How will everything come together in time for the Purim party?

“Not For All the Hamantashen in Town”

Best for ages: 3-8

It’s time for the annual Purim carnival and the three little pigs can’t wait to celebrate! But of course, the big bad wolf wants to spoil their fun. A new Jewish twist on an age-old tale, little ones will relish in this silly story!

“Talia and the Haman-Tushies”

Best for ages: 3-8

When Talia visits her grandmother, she is asked to help make Hamantashen, special cookies that are a staple on Purim. This doesn’t sound very tasty to Talia, who thinks her grandmother says “haman tushies.” While preparing the cookies together, Talia learns the story of Purim.

“Purim Chicken”

Best for ages: 4-8

The animals are celebrating Purim by putting on a special play, but the star of the show, Quack the duck, goes missing. Cluck the chicken must find strength and bravery like Queen Esther to rescue Quack.

“The Purim Superhero”

Best for ages: 5-6

Nate loves aliens and wants to dress up like one for Purim. When his friends at Hebrew school tell him that all boys should dress as superheroes, he solicits advice from his two dads. The first Jewish children’s book with LGBT characters, this book draws on a lesson from the story of Purim to help Nate decide what to wear.

“The Queen Who Saved Her People”

Best for ages: 5-6

This rhyming book tells the story of Purim in a child-friendly way, focusing on Queen Esther. With color-coded and easy-to-follow lines, the book also doubles as the perfect play for young ones to act out.

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