Patriotic pinwheels

Amp up your holiday celebration with festive paper pinwheels. Create these patriotic spinners for fun at your Fourth of July barbecue or use for a display on your picnic tables.





Round pushpin or split pin


Small hole punch

Spray glue (optional)


1 – Select two-sided colorful paper, in shades of red, white and blue. Or use spray glue to connect two sheets of paper together, with patterns on the exterior.

2 – Measure to cut paper into an 8.5-inch by 8.5-inch square. Use a ruler to help lightly draw an “X” from top to bottom corners. Then on each line measure 4.5 inches in from the edge and mark. Cut from the corner to the 4.5-inch mark and repeat for the other three corner lines.

3 – Starting in the top left corner, punch one hole in the corner under the new cut. Rotate the sheet and repeat with three more holes, so there is one hole punched in each corner. Also cut one hole directly in the center where the X meets.

4 – Fold in the hole-punched corner toward the center and do the same for the other three corners, carefully folding all of them toward the center.

5 – Using either a round pushpin or split pin, thread through the four holes to connect the four flaps. Then push through the center hole in the back. Push into the eraser of a pencil to connect. If the pin is too long, gently bend pin at an angle.

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