Peaceful and relaxing spots in Lake County to find your Zen


If your social media feed looks anything like my social media feed you could probably use some Zen right about now. Here are some of my favorite places in Lake County to find peace in the coming weeks, no matter what that looks like to you.


A path to peace

One with nature


If you find your Zen in nature then you have really hit the jackpot with this amazing fall weather! The Lake County Forest Preserve District is filled with amazing trails for all levels of hikers and all locations. Pick a trail and hike your way among the blue skies and crunching leaves. My current favorite is Rollins Savanna.


Snuggle something soft


Who can be stressed when snuggling a puppy or petting a soft bunny? If you want the snuggles but don’t have a pet at home, head to Best Pets Antioch. All of their puppies and kittens are rescued and ready for snuggling, or even adoption. If you prefer snuggles from something that you don’t have to clean up after, visit Snicklefritz Toys at Hawthorn and check out their plush toys. I can say from experience that some of the plush dogs they carry are as good as a puppy (with way less mess!)


Choose chocolate


If chocolate brings you peace–and it should–head to Ethereal Confections in Woodstock. They use local and organic ingredients whenever possible. From hand crafted chocolates to coffee, you will be enveloped in the comforting warmth and sweet aromas when you walk in. You can’t help but relax.




Draw, color, paint, create! Let your mind wander while you create beauty and art to brighten the world. Artist @ Heart has daily open studio time where you can create anything you want with their supplies. If you need more direction in your art, try a Sunday Workshop where they guide you through a project from start to finish. This weekend they are painting Starry Night!


Lose yourself in thought


With all the noise around us right now it’s the perfect time to retreat to a quiet place. Head to the Barrington Area Library, sit in the atrium and just stare up at “Elaine.” I promise you will be mesmerized and feel relaxed. “Elaine” is an art installation by Minnesota Artist HOTTEA and some have described it as raining rainbows, which is just what many of us need right now.


When you just need to swear


Some people need to stretch and meditate in silence and others need to just yell F%&* really loudly. Blue Sky Yoga’s Rage On is for those people. This fun night is not for the prude, combining yoga with F-bombs, the middle finger and wine. The cost is $25 and includes light food and wine after the session in BSY’s brand new studio in Libertyville. Register quick as space is limited.


When you need the hard stuff


Sometimes, if you need something a little stronger than a deep breath and walk in the woods, I hear you. North Shore Distillery’s Husband and Wife team will help those bad feelings float away. You can take a distillery tour or enjoy a craft cocktail in their beautiful tasting room.


Remember most of the people in your lives are the same as they were on Monday. Take a deep breathe, find some Zen and get back to being awesome you.

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