3 reasons to visit Milwaukee County Zoo before summer ends

If you haven’t made your way to the zoo this summer, now’s better than ever to check out my family fav, Milwaukee County Zoo. The biggest reason? Dinosaurs. ‘Nuff said.

The return of the dinosaurs

Dinosaur lovers will be ecstatic for the return of dinosaurs to the zoo. At Dinosaurs! A Jurassic Journey the fun starts with kids getting a chance to climb and take a picture on a Pachyrhinosaurus. Wind through the lush forest during the Jurassic period where 20 animatronic dinosaurs await, such as a towering Brachiosaurus or a roaring T. rex. The kids will absolutely get a kick of the Suchomimus spitting water on them. You’ll even spot an Amargasaurus and her baby. A few new dinosaurs have been added such as the Quetzalcoatlus, the Elaphrosaurus (a fast, bipedal dinosaur with a long neck) and Suchomimus (a dinosaur that lived in East Africa and known for its big claws and long jaws.) Even if you can’t tell the difference between a Dilophosaurus and an Iguanadon, you’ll still have a roaring good time!

New otter exhibit

Watch the North American River Otters splish and splash their way through their new outdoor exhibit. Featuring two pools, a splash pad, a river with moving water, and a 15-foot slide, the otters can play their heart out while people can observe them at the underwater viewing area. On certain occasions, guests can even watch keepers train the animals.

The new otter exhibit is strategically placed at the zoo’s new West Entrance. Besides the new exhibit, the West Entrance also includes admissions, concessions and gift shop. And yes, there’s another option for parking, which may be quicker than the main entrance.

Celebrate the Safari Train

The train is a Milwaukee Zoo attraction not to be missed and this year marks 60 years that the Safari Train has been in operation. To celebrate the milestone, eight 4-foot wood sculptures of Wisconsin wildlife have been placed near the tracks throughout the woods. We had fun trying to find all eight sculptures such as the bald eagle, gray wolf and snake.

Read more about our dino trip to the zoo.

If you go

Milwaukee Zoo

Through Sept. 3

Daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission is $3 per person, plus regular zoo admission. Parking is $12.

10001 W. Bluemound Road, Milwaukee, Wis.

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