Make your own scarecrow

You don’t have to enter a scarecrow contest to create your own. Here are five easy tips to get started at home:

1. Create a “Scarecrow Design Team.” Make sure everyone shares their ideas. Just like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, each team member has a “brain” and will have something fun to contribute (i.e., using sticks from an old tree for arms, a wig for hair, a Halloween mask for his face, grandpa’s old hat for his crown).

2. Brainstorm! As the ideas are presented, have someone make a sketch on large paper to use as a model. Give your scarecrow a name.

3. Use clothes you already have. Gather old clothes, gloves, shoes and hats.

4. Use supplies that are in the house. Old pillow cases or pumpkins (plastic or real) work great for the head.

5. Make it unique but keep a traditional element. A black crow to sit on the scarecrow’s shoulder can be made out of a cardboard paper towel roll. Paint it black, use feathers, button eyes and add a Popsicle stick beak.

Expert tip: Begin a scrapbook of your scarecrows to enjoy through the years.

Courtesy of Kathy Loubsky, Scarecrow Festival coordinatora

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