6 fun ideas for throwing a Labor Day party

Summer is ending soon, but there’s still time for one last hurrah. Before you cover the grill and close up the pool, invite friends and family over for a Labor Day weekend bash. These tips will help you say a festive goodbye to summer.


Go with an “Americana” theme.


I’m fairly certain you still have mini American flags and patriotic garland leftover from the Fourth of July that’s been collecting dust in the garage. Put them to good use by setting up an all-American themed food and drink table. Add in a checkered tablecloth, red solo cups and paper lanterns to complete the look.


Eat all of your summer favorites.


Farmers market days are dwindling. Enjoy the last of your fresh, local produce by grilling up warm-weather classics like corn-on-the-cob and potato salad, or making a yummy cucumber and watermelon salad. Of course, summer staples like hot dogs and hamburgers are easy and inexpensive crowd pleasers.


Whip up some cocktails.


Every party needs some tasty libations. Our Fourth of July cocktail recipes still hold up for the end of summer. While the adults indulge, kids can sip on lemonade or homemade fruit punch. If you’re in need of more hydration, make one of our easy popsicle recipes.


Get out and play.


This may be your last opportunity to get use out of that adorable swimsuit you bought your toddler before they outgrow it. Grab all the water toys and let the kids go crazy in the backyard while you enjoy a cocktail (or, let’s be real, while you prep food and entertain guests). If you have the extra space, set up a bags game or badminton for adults to play. Whatever you do, soak up the warm weather while you can.


Create a build-your-own s’mores bar.


Light up the fire pit and enjoy everyone’s favorite summer treat. Think outside of the classic chocolate/marshmallow combo and let kids get creative with their s’more building by setting up a build-your-own station. Include a variety of bases (think graham crackers in different flavors and animal crackers), along with toppers like strawberries, peanut butter cups and caramels.


Set up an outdoor movie.


After dinner, make the most out of the night by watching a family film on your deck or outdoor space. Set up patio furniture and plenty of cushions and blankets to keep everyone comfy. Use an outdoor projector for an authentic, drive-in movie feel. If you’re stumped for movie ideas, try a summer classic like “The Sandlot,” “Charlotte’s Web” or “The Goonies.”


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