Weekend made: Kids Eat Chicago at the Taste of Chicago is back

This week’s blog post is by The Paternity Test co-host Matt Boresi, who lives in the Edgewater Glen neighborhood of Chicago with his wife (“Professor Foster”) and their 6-year-old daughter Viva, who is going to eat Chicago.

It’s later than usual, but it’s here: The Taste of Chicago! Now, I know you’re saying, “I haven’t been to the Taste in twenty years and I’m not going now. It’s crowded, it isn’t kid friendly, the restaurants aren’t from Chicago and you can’t sit down, so I’m staying home and watching my kids eat Lunchables and play on their iPads as my life slowly ebbs away.”

Well, don’t say that. First of all, it’s shrunk in recent years to a more manageable scope. The food trucks and restaurants are the real deal. (Chicago’s Dog House? Pork & Mindy’s? The Fat Shallot? Yes, yes, and more yes.) And, best of all, Chicago Parent now hosts a HUGE family area called Kids Eat Chicago with free activities, changing stations, battery charging areas, games and more!

Last year I brought Viva and she was thrilled for hours in the Kids Eat Chicago zone. It was tough for her to decide what to do with so much to play on and experience, especially because the acts on stage also kept her interest. I’m talking bouncy houses, giant slides and more from PlayGround Games, soccer drills from CLIF Kid and Lil’ Kickers, and a gamut of performers including the cool superheroes and princesses from Royal Princess Parties, Miss Jamie’s Farm  and CircEsteem.

Multiple museums are going to have pop-ups, and if the reception of last year’s giant dinosaur puppet was any indication, this area is going to be a big hit.

On Sunday there are two hours of sensory friendly activities and performances sponsored by Autism Home Support Services. Imagine that — Taste of Chicago, but not a loud, crashing smashmouth.

Oh, and I’m hosting the kids’ entertainment stage, so you’ll get to look at me in half-hour intervals. If that alone isn’t worth the price of parking, I don’t know what is. Maybe “The Flaming Lips” are worth that — but I think it’s a foot race.

See you this weekend at Kids Eat Chicago!

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