Pirate-themed improv show promises big laughs for the family

Do your kids love pirates? ‘The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told!,’ showing next month at The Athenaeum Theatre, is a half scripted, half improvised, exciting musical theater adventure that allows audience members to get involved in writing the script and creating a story which has never been told before.

If you go

The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told!

Feb. 12 at 3 p.m.

Athenaeum Theatre

2936 N. Southport Ave., Chicago


The family show began its run at festivals approximately five years ago. After becoming very popular, it began touring the United States. With its comedic, old fashioned and slapstick content, it’s appropriate (and fun) for all ages.

David Anthony, Diana DiCostanzo and Emily Rouch, who all were a part of the off Broadway cast, will also be appearing in this Chicago production. In addition, one of the cast members is Chicago’s very own Michael Sangregorio.

Why kids will love the show:

They will be able to express themselves and be creative when improving the script.

They will be allowed to tell adults exactly what to do.

They can embarrass themselves in front of a live studio audience to get a great laugh.

Hello, pirates!

They will be intrigued by all of the lights, music and performers.

Why adults will love the show:

They can freely express their love of pirates right alongside their kids.

They can understand and relate to the show’s jokes, wordplay, improv, pop culture references and clever phrases.

They will be impressed by the scripts that the kids create.

They will be surprised to find themselves loving the show maybe even more than their kids do.

They can expose their kids to live musical theater at a young age.

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