“Pinkalicious” speaks to parents of picky kids

Many a parent has struggled with a child who only wants to wear one color. Most of us also know about the difficulties of picky eaters and children who turn up their noses at green vegetables, so the themes of Emerald City’s latest musical are familiar. Based on the popular book series by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann, Pinkalicious, playing through Dec. 31, tells the story of a little girl obsessed with the color pink, specifically pink cupcakes.

As the show’s name implies, this production is heaven for little pink-loving girls. At a recent Sunday production, there were groups of girls who got into the spirit of the show by arriving in full pink costumes. It was clear they were fans of the book and were ready to be swept away into Pinkalicious’ world.

The cast of five actors playing 10 different roles does a good job of keeping the energy high and the plot moving. Since most of the show is sung, there’s no time for the audience of young children to get bored or distracted. Peppy songs had kids laughing and clapping. Shea Coffman, who plays Pinkalicious’ brother Peter, is a comedic standout. With his big facial expressions, physical comedy and overly dramatic portrayal of a boy not getting enough attention, he was a highlight.

Emerald City Theatre consistently abides by its mission to inspire early learners through play. Before the show, children are encouraged to create their own green food pompons, which they use later in the show. Even the programs, designed separately for adults and children, inspire audience members to investigate the healthy-eating theme. Using games, quizzes and coloring activities, the programs allow audience members to keep the show alive at home.

The performance runs one hour without an intermission. This production is best viewed and heard from Sections 2, 3 and 4, so look to buy tickets there.

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