20 New Family Movies Coming Out in 2021

Grab some popcorn because these new movies look amazing!

The past year has challenged the movie industry in many ways by postponing long-awaited films or moving new releases to streaming services due to closed theaters nationwide. Let’s hope this year will give us a chance to watch more new movies!

From wonderful remakes of classic movies or exciting sequels, here are some family flicks we can’t wait to see in 2021.

August 2021

Paw Patrol: The Movie

  • Release date: Aug. 20, 2021

Your favorite pups are hitting the big screen! We can’t wait to see how Ryder and his team of pups will save the day in the animated series’ first full-length movie.

September 2021

Clifford the Big Red Dog

  • Release date: Sept. 17, 2021

Clifford the Big Red Dog stars a 25-foot-tall red dog and his young owner, Emily, in this live-action movie adaption of the classic children’s book series.

October 2021

Hotel Transylvania 4

  • Release date: Oct. 1, 2021

Some families must be so excited to see a fourth installment in the Hotel Transylvania series. Jonathan tries to become a monster so he can fit in the family.

The Addams Family 2

  • Release date: Oct. 1, 2021

Just in time for Halloween, the Addams return with more wacky adventures. We can’t wait to see what they’re up to next in the sequel of the 2019 animated film.

Ron’s Gone Wrong

  • Release date: Oct. 22, 2021

A socially-awkward middle schooler gets excited when he gets a new toy robot, that’s coded to become a human’s best friend. Ron seems like the ultimate device until it turns out the robot has some crazy malfunctions. Regardless, the two are about to have so much fun.

November 2021

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

  • Release date: Nov. 11, 2021

The next chapter in the original Ghostbusters universe, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, follows a family who discovers their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind.


  • Release date: Nov. 24, 2021

After writing the music for Moana, Lin-Manuel Miranda is back with another Disney musical. Encanto takes place in Colombia where we learn about a magical family who lives in a magical home.

December 2021

West Side Story

  • Release date: Dec. 10, 2021

The newest film adaptation of the 1957 musical explores the rivalry between two gangs, the Jets and Sharks, as Tony and Maria fall in love in this story loosely based on Romeo and Juliet.

Sing 2

  • Release date: Dec. 22, 2021

The sequel to the 2016 animated film, Sing, expects to hit theaters in late 2021. While we don’t know anything about the plot yet, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear more pop music!

2021 Family Movies Already Released

Tom & Jerry

  • Released: Feb. 26, 2021

Your favorite cat and mouse duo are back with a reimagined live action-animated remake. See Tom and Jerry in New York City as they take residence at a hotel preparing for the wedding of the century. Of course, Jerry’s mischief will get in the way.

Raya and the Last Dragon

  • Released: March 5, 2021

In order to help restore peace in the world of Kumandra, lone warrior, Raya, is on a mission to find the last dragon in the world. On her journey, she learns that it will take more than a dragon to save humanity from the evil monsters known as the Druun.

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  • Released: May 28, 2021

This Disney live-action movie gives us the backstory of Cruella de Vil, the infamous villain from the book, One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Set in 1970s London, a young fashion designer, Estella, becomes interested with dogs’ skins.

Black Widow

  • Released: July 9, 2021

Learn about Natasha Romanoff’s past before she became an Avenger. The Marvel film centered on Black Widow takes place between the films Civil War and Infinity War.

Spirit Untamed

  • Released: June 4, 2021

Fans of the recent Netflix series, Spirit Riding Free, will be excited to watch their favorite stallion again.

In the Heights

  • Release date: June 11, 2021

Before Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda became known on Broadway with his Tony award-winning musical In the Heights. Now the film adaptation will retell the story of a bodega owner with big dreams in his largely Latino neighborhood in Washington Heights.


  • Release date: June 18, 2021

The latest Disney Pixar movie takes place on the gorgeous Italian Riviera. There, a strong child friendship builds between a young boy and a sea monster disguised as a human. The movie’s director, Enrico Casarosa, also worked as a director and writer for the Pixar short, La Luna.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

  • Release date: June 11, 2021

Peter the mischievous rabbit is back, and this time in a world beyond the garden where he can be himself. Peter must find out what kind of rabbit he wants to be when his family risks their livelihood looking for him.

Boss Baby: Family Business

  • Release date: July 2, 2021

The Templeton brothers are all-grown up and when they reunite, there’s a new boss baby in their family, Tina (voiced by Amy Sedaris). She recruits Tim and Ted to stop an evil genius, but it will require the brothers to turn back into babies first.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

  • Released: July 16, 2021

Yes, the 1996 movie starring Michael Jordan is finally getting a sequel. LeBron James is now teaming up with Bugs Bunny and the rest of your favorite Looney Tunes characters to help save his son.

Jungle Cruise

  • Released: July 30, 2021

Based on the theme park ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Jungle Cruise, the movie takes riverboat travelers through a jungle filled with mysterious animals and reptiles.

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