Best Candy Stores in Chicago and the Suburbs

When looking for a fun candy store near you, Chicagoland's got you covered with the best of the best.

Did you know that Chicago has a history with candy? Once known as the “Candy Capital of the World,” Lemon Heads, Juicy Fruit and Tootsie Rolls all originated in the Windy City. And lucky for us, our city is packed with the coolest candy stores around!

Take a candy store tour around Chicagoland with these stops featuring your favorite brands — both modern and old-fashioned. Parents will love to take a trip down memory lane and kids will love the sugar rush.

We rounded up our favorite candy stories in Chicago and suburbs below. Looking for more fun things to do with kids? Check out our weekend picks!

Aji Ichiban Snack

Located in Chinatown, this famous international snack chain offers a variety of Asian sweets. It’s all about the experience here to see the unique candy and maybe try something new as a family. We especially love seeing all the fun KitKat and Pocky flavors like matcha, strawberry and coconut.

Amy’s Candy Bar

Owner Amy Hansen, a graduate of Chicago’s French Pastry School, has received national recognition for the signature OMG Candy Bar sold in her Lincoln Square store. Make extra tummy space for rare and imported candies you’ll find on the shelves (Belgian chocolate, Holland chocolate buttons, English peppermints), as well as an impressive collection of licorice from around the world.


Voted “Best Candy Store in Illinois” by Food Network Magazine, Candyality is home to just about any gummy, taffy, and chocolate covered anything you can think of. The kiddos will especially multiple flavors and colors of jelly beans. Depending on which candy you gravitate towards, Candyality staff can “read” your personality by the kind of sweets you choose.

Cheryl’s Candy N’ Popcorn

 This adorable candy store part of The Promenande Bolingbrook features gourmet popcorn such as Cheesy BBQ, Fruity Rainbow and Pumpkin Pie. You can even find different flavored jelly beans and other great candies.


There are multiple Dulcelandia since the franchise is known as the largest distributor of Mexican candy in the Midwest. Again, you’ll have a blast seeing all the candies, including some with spices. Kids will enjoy seeing the cool piñatas on display, too.


This massive candy store has a few locations in Chicagoland, but you have to check out its newest location in Downtown Chicago. The whole family will love to explore the shop with a 11-foot Ferris wheel candy shop display, a Chicago skyline made up of jellybeans and more photo opportunities. 

Ma and Pa’s Candy

Long Grove is already a charming little town, so it’s fitting that it has a classic candy store. The barrels full of classic candy will get the whole family excited. Good luck choosing from the assortment of flavors for gummies, jelly beans and licorice.

Old Fashioned Candies

Check out this shop to find penny candy, deluxe chocolates, popcorn and more. Kids can look at all the old-school candies on display, including candy buttons and Baby Bottle Pops. The store in the Western Suburbs is also known for its chocolate-covered strawberries.

Sugar Factory

This candy haven doesn’t hold back on sweets. The restaurant is known for its smoking goblets, chocolate dipped, sprinkle covered milkshakes and scoops of ice cream. But kids will really enjoy the store, complete with bins of gummy bears, jelly beans and just about every chocolate-covered candy under the sun.

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