Indoor play spaces that will save your sanity this winter

It is upon us. We were all in denial, including Mother Nature. But, alas, it’s finally happened. It’s here. Cold weather has arrived, and it’s apparently here to stay. 

And while suddenly gaining massive, accessible pockets from my coats for the foreseeable future is always an unexpected bonus, the long sunless months of indoor activities aren’t so super for the parentfolk around these parts. 

Luckily, we live in Chicago. And Chicagoans are nothing if not resourceful semi-mole people who make our indoor activities pretty darn spectacular (please see: museums, theater shows, food, Whirlyball – even our most fun sports involve being inside and drinking!). One of the phenomena of indoor fun is a wide variety of indoor play spaces for our little ones to burn off energy.* 

So grab everyone’s socks and head off to one of these great locations that are all kid-tested and approved by all.

*”Burn off energy” is, of course, parentspeak for “stop destroying the [potential expletive here] house without watching television.”

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