6 Ways Families Can Support Local Heroes

As we search for ways to help out our community, we cannot forget about our first responders and other local heroes who are risking their lives to help us stay safe. Let’s remember to show gratitude and kindness to our health care workers, police officers, grocery store employees and others during this pandemic. Here are some simple ideas to thank them.

Send a craft.

A DIY project created out of love will make anyone’s day. Cut out a simple heart and decorate it. Older kids can get creative with this heart mosaic craft. We’re sure a grocery store worker or fire fighter would love to hang up the finished product at work.

Leave out snacks.

Our delivery workers are working extra hard to drop off groceries, Amazon boxes and takeout orders at our front door. Surprise them on their next delivery with a few snacks or even a few essentials like hand sanitizer and wipes. Don’t forget to leave a note thanking them.

Order food.

For your next takeout order, why not treat some first responders or a community media outlet instead? Many restaurants are stepping up to provide meals to local heroes too. Here are some Chicago food establishments that are giving back to the community.

Make a sign for your front yard or window.

Sometimes you can show support to others by making a sign for the world to see. Make it as colorful as you want and throw in a quarantine rainbow to help spread a message of hope for people walking by.

Write a letter.

Sending out a handwritten note or a card allows your children to express themselves to their teachers and others that are helping their community. Their voice might be exactly what these hardworking heroes need right now.

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