How to Have a Yes Day with Kids

Before you start, set some rules and share a few ideas to your family.

Have you heard of a Yes Day? Made popular by the Netflix movie “Yes Day” starring Jennifer Garner, the concept is pretty simple.

Kids have full reign of the entire day and can choose what to do. Some parents might be used to always saying no, but they are to indulge to the children’s requests for 24 hours. No killjoys allowed.

At first the idea of letting go of control may be daunting. That’s why it’s important to set some rules with kids first. In the end, Yes Day can be super rewarding for the whole family. It’s a little reminder for us that’s it creating precious memories by spending more time together and having fun.

Rules for Yes Day

  • A Yes Day has to be earned. That means chores and homework need to be done beforehand.
  • You can’t do anything dangerous or illegal.
  • Set a budget. Explain to kids what that means when choosing what to do.
  • Make sure to set parameters on where the activities can be.
  • All the fun has to happen within the day.
  • The most important rule — have the most fun in their entire lives and make unforgettable memories!

Yes Day ideas

Now that you’re inspired you to try a Yes Day, here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Stay up late!
  2. Have breakfast in bed. Or even breakfast for dinner.
  3. Have a family game night.
  4. Build an epic fort.
  5. Go on a park tour and visit as many playgrounds as you can.
  6. Eat dessert before dinner and indulge in an extreme dessert. Crazy milkshakes, anyone?
  7. Enjoy an all-out pillow fight, water gun fight or Nerf war party.
  8. Dine at a themed restaurant.
  9. Stay in pajamas the whole day or dress in costume.
  10. Camp outside or camp indoors. Here are some tips for backyard camping.
  11. Do messy science experiments.
  12. Have a movie marathon with a special treat.
  13. Boogie down and have a dance party — parents included!
  14. Bake your hearts out. How about a “Nailed It!” competition?
  15. Play at the arcade. Yes, even the ones where you can win prizes.
  16. A sibling sleepover can be even more fun with these ideas.
  17. Get crafty! Yes, that includes slime.
  18. Give mom and dad a makeover.
  19. Visit their favorite museum.
  20. Go on a road trip.

Will this inspire you to have a Yes Day? Share your Yes Day with us by using our community hashtag on Instagram — #ShareChicagoParent.

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