5 ways to make the World Series memorable for kids

It has been 108 years since the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Most children picture dinosaurs and cavemen when you mention the year 1908. The World Series took place at West Side Grounds as Wrigley Field wasn’t built until six years later. Most North Siders have waited their entire lives just to see the Cubs win the NLCS pennant, meanwhile our children are making post-season memories that many Chicagoans have only dreamt about.

This is history. This is every ball game we went to as a kid, picturing it’s game seven of the World Series and the Cubs are in the lead. For the first time in forever, THIS is next year.

Our children may never truly grasp what capturing the title would mean to Chicago Cubs fans everywhere, but we are all witnessing the most magical Fall Classic in our lifetime.

Here are five ways to celebrate with your kids, and create memories they’ll never forget.

Make your own memorabilia

Design and craft your own rally towels out of markers, fabric paint and old t-shirts or fabrics in your home. Flying their handmade W’s on game day will make them feel like they were in on the action. Every pint-sized fan can contribute to each victory with the help of their lucky rally towels.

Taste victory

Bring the ballpark home with all the fixins’. Grill up hot dogs, make nachos with all the toppings and stock up on Cracker Jacks, just like the ones from Wrigley Field. Have the kids make dessert before the game. Sure you could get the most ridiculous Cubs cookies from Sugar Fixe or Sweet Mandy B’s, but half the fun is watching the kids pile on frosting and toppings. (Totally tag me @chicagomomgoessuburban if you post your cubbies cookie recipes on social!) This will bring all the feels and smells of Wrigley right to your living room.

Head into Wrigleyville

I suggest you wake up and go early on a game day. There’s just something in the air in Wrigley and you have to feel it for yourself. Walk Clark, stroll Addison and watch the excitement build before your eyes. The people watching is second to none. Buy a bag of peanuts from a street vendor and soak in the electricity. Stop to take a photo of your kids in front of the stadium, because to them, it’s the castle built for baseball Gods. This is history being made in front of their very eyes. Capture their faces the moment they see the lights around the stadium. Not only will they have something to show their kids, they will never forget the way Wrigley looked during the 2016 Fall Classic.

Make the trip to the Jake

Load up the family and hit the turnpike. You’ll follow the lake and then meet bright and vibrant red, yellow and orange trees. Every rest stop from here to Cleveland is swarming with spirited Cubs fans in their lucky ball caps and royal blue hoodies. In just 5.5 hours you’ll see that Progressive field is on fire. Between almost every venue in a 50-mile radius hosting viewing parties, the outdoor concerts and countless fan activities, the kids will never forget seeing the game from the other side.

Establish your own traditions

Every Cubs fan is superstitious. When the Cubs got their last win, you were wearing mismatched socks, while eating cheese pizza and the whole family was together. The kids will start looking forward to doing their part in the Cubs success from home. Sing the

National Anthem and stand up and belt out “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” in the seventh inning stretch. Cheer, high five and celebrate this post-season that you’ll be looking back on for years to come.


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