5 activities to survive Chicago’s winter shut in

We are all over it. The snowpants, boots, mittens, hats, jackets and staying indoors. Most schools have been closed for a total of four days in 2014 plus on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and an inservice.

The amount of time we parents have been indoors with our children is too much. There is plenty to do, despite our complaints.

 Here are five activities that can make staying home fun. 

Bake. If ideal try to have the basics (flour, sugar, eggs, butter) in your house so you are ready for the next shut in.

Kids love to measure and pour and it is a great way to reinforce math and reading skills.

Bonus: Then you have treats in the house which is ideal for any shut in.

Play with money. Dump out all the change you can find and have your children sort the money by coin. Next count and add up each coin and the total.

Remember to remind your kids to wash hands when done touching the money.

Valentines. It isn’t too early to get started on the cards for classmates. Set up red, white and pink papers, stickers, ribbons, markers, scissors and glue.

Board Games. We love Headbanz, an easy guess who game for all ages. Perfection, Candyland, Connect Four and Scattergories are all interactive, electronic free ways to pass the time.

Imagination. Kids are so lucky that they can turn to each other and say, “Hey, let’s play pirates.” The creativity and camaraderie that such games create equals a priceless childhood experience.

How are you keeping busy these days?

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