Where to go for snow much fun this winter

Cabin fever is on the verge of setting in, and my kids can’t wait for the snow to start falling. I’ve tried arts, crafts, indoor play places and even took a crack at baking with my three little boys, but all my kids really want is to play in the snow. I’m sure it will dump down on Chicago soon, but just in case it doesn’t, I’m prepared to fake it, make it, and round up places that are in close proximity to hot cocoa. 

Here are four places to have snow much fun outside of Chicago:


I admit it, we bundled up the three dudes and played tourist at the ribbon ice rink in Millennium Park. We paid $37 for parking before we even laced up our skates. Next time we will head to Ridgeland Commons in Oak Park. It’s is closer, cheaper and easy to jet from when 3-year-olds decide they hate ice and want hot chocolate instead. 


The hill at Keystone Park is manageable and is at the perfect angle for all ages to enjoy. We have taken the boys as early as 2 years old, and snuggled them into our sled. Our 8-year-old is obsessed with it and can’t wait for enough snow to fall so he can break out the sleds.

Skiing and Tubing

Kids can’t wait for snow? Wilmot Mountain makes their own, and its right on the Illinois/Wisconsin boarder. Ski and snowboard lessons start as soon as kids can walk, and go up for every age to enjoy. Want to skip the skis? The tubing mountain opens soon and I might be more excited than the kids to race down the mountain! Oh, the restaurants are steps from the mountain and the hot cocoa is delicious.

Snowman building

In the holiday spirit and you don’t care who knows it? Why build a snowman in your yard where no one can see your masterpiece? Think bigger! Go to a public place, build a snow man, snow woman and snow children. “Donate” winter hats, coats, gloves and boots to dress them. Make a garage sale type sign that reads: “For the needy. The clothing, boots, and accessories on these snow people are to keep you warm! Please take what you are in need of.” It will help you spread holiday cheer and warmth.

Warming up

After the fun, warm up locally. Thaw out and shop local by grabbing hot cocoa at Spilt Milk, Twisted Cookie, Counter Coffee, Sugar Fixe, Munch, Courageous Bakery, L!ve Cafe, or your favorite local spot. 

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