What to pack for an outdoor concert picnic

Now that you have your Summer Go-Bag packed, you’re ready for anything! But what about the inevitable outdoor concert adventure? Save time, money and stress with these easy picnic ideas to help make heading out to a summer concert a breeze. It’s easy to be the cool parent with these great ideas!

Embrace the snack plate

Snack plates are a fancy way of saying “it’s time to clean out your fridge.” Compile leftover fruits and veggies, cheese, lunch meat and snack food to create a meal your kids will think is a treat! Got a babysitter? Throw together a killer cheese plate and grab a bottle of wine for a fun adult night out. It’s easy — just pick a theme and run with it!

Pack a pasta salad

Pasta salad is a super easy meal that you can throw together earlier in the day for a grab-and-go dinner. My go-to for Ravinia outings is an easy shrimp salad that gets better the longer it sits. Paired with a simple fruit salad, you’ll have a meal the entire family will enjoy.

Grab and go

Short on time? We are too and we’re here to tell you it is completely fine to grab takeout. In fact, it could be the most fun option for everyone! Swing through your favorite sandwich shop and let your kids make their own sandwiches. Pick up tacos, chips and guacamole for a special, outdoor Mexican feast. The possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget dessert

Whatever your meal choice, dessert is an absolute must. These easy sea salt brown butter rice krispie treats add a little something special to a family favorite without any extra work. S’mores Cookie Cups are the perfect addition to a summer picnic spread without needing a campfire. Or simply swing by your local ice cream joint on the way to concert and have ice cream for dinner! It’s summer after all, and your kids will remember it forever!

Follow along with my family’s adventures and our inevitable ice cream for dinner treat on Instagram and let me know what you’re packing for your summer picnic!

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