Chicago mom remembers what Valentine’s Day is really about

There always seems to be a lot of dissent when it comes to Valentine’s Day. There are people that find it the perfect day to plan extravagant dates and give expensive tokens of love. Then, there are people that find it to be too commercial and a faux celebration.

Personally, I see both sides. I like the idea of celebrating love. However, didn’t we just celebrate the holiday season? I still am finding stray Christmas decorations that weren’t put away and I may or may not still be in possession of a bag of red and green M&M’s. So, I feel like I just don’t have it in me to plan another celebration.

Have you seen Pinterest? Talk about pressure! There are some pretty elaborate Valentine’s Day projects and recipes. The idea of expensive gifts, elaborate date nights and love poems just seems like a little much to me. Just call me the Valentine’s Day Scrooge.

I was trying to remember Valentine’s Day as a kid. Suddenly, a million thoughts came popping into my head. I can remember our mom and dad surprising us with heart shaped boxes of candy from Fannie Mae after dinner. I remembered my parents sent me a hot pink fleece and homemade cookies my first year of college. My favorite was coming home to find a gift bag filled with Ramona books and Twizzlers.

Thinking of my parents planning to get me my absolute favorite books and candy, and doing the same for my siblings while also running a household of four kids, being involved in every volunteer opportunity and both working so hard was overwhelming. I suddenly felt so loved.

When I was remembering the kindness from my parents, I quickly changed my mind about Valentine’s Day. These gestures weren’t extravagant or inspired by Pinterest. They were just love.

 And love makes memories. 

I want my kids to have the same warm memories filled with love and happiness. Valentine’s Day is just another opportunity to break up the mundane and create a special moment with my family.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an expensive or extravagant. It can be heart shaped pancakes. It can be a note in a lunch box. It can be a Redbox rental and popcorn.

 Or it can be Ramona books and Twizzlers. Happy Valentine's Day!
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