10 places for homework help on the North Shore

My son started first grade this year, and as the saying goes, you-know-what just got real. Kindergarten was real too, in its way, but first grade is giving me a glimpse into the next, oh, decade or so of my life.

The pre-dinner hour is no longer a free-for-all. It’s homework around the table, and depending on the mood of both parent and child, it’s either pleasant or eternal. (Don’t tell my 7-year-old that I’ve no idea what I’ll do when we eventually get to algebra. There’s a reason I’m a writer.)

Luckily, the North Shore is brimming with tutors eager to help kids of all ages, from pre-kindergarten all the way through ACT prep. Here are 10 spots to check out if you’re eyeing that A+.

Ravinia Reading Center

89 Lincolnwood Rd., Highland Park


Extra Credit: The staff at Ravinia Reading Center are speech language pathologists trained to understand subtle differences in sounds, which is key in understanding why a child is challenged by a word.

Once It Clicks

1934 Waukegan Rd., Glenview


Extra Credit: Once It Clicks is located next to a tae kwon do studio for kids. Homework done? Exercise on!

C2 Education

2763 Pfingsten Rd., Glenview


190 Waukegan Rd., Deerfield


Extra Credit: C2 requires that all tutors score above the 95th percentile in their respective fields.

Hi-5 In-Home Tutoring



Extra Credit: A Lake Forest teacher founded Hi-5, a small, family-oriented business with flexible hours for in-home tutoring.

College Nannies and Tutors

958 Harlem Ave., Glenview


Extra Credit: College Nannies is an on-call childcare service that also offers one-on-one customized tutoring for all ages, including college test prep.

Eye Level of Northbrook Learning Center

1512 Shermer Rd., Suite B, Northbrook


Extra Credit: Eye Level serves a wide age range, from pre-kindergarten through ACT/SAT prep.


2825-71 Pfingsten Rd., Suite 17, Glenview


Extra Credit: A math teacher named Toru Kumon founded this method of tutoring in 1954. He wanted his son Takeshi to develop a love of learning while also becoming equipped for his demanding high school and college entrance exams.


2650 Valor Dr., Glenview


600 Central Ave., Highland Park


Extra Credit: As evidenced by the name, Mathnasium’s speciality is math. Each learning plan is customized to your child’s identified areas of target growth.

Academic Tutoring Centers

460 Central Ave., Highland Park


Extra Credit: Many tutors here hold Masters Degrees or higher in their respective fields.

iLearn Academy

1838 Waukegan Rd., Glenview


Extra Credit: Now’s the time to prep for ACT exams, and iLearn Academy offers Saturday and weekday evening classes for English, math, reading comprehension and science.

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