Chicago mom bids farewell to a family friend

See this glorious tree?

That was our Ash tree.

I say “was” because a few weeks ago, it was cut down.

Because a stupid bug killed it.

And then it got sick and died.

A tree that had provided us with lots of fun.

Many peanut butter and jelly sandwich picnics under its shade.

Lots of lovely flowers growing in its shadow.

Loads of leaves to rake up and jump into every fall.

That is until the tree killers arrived.

I mean our wonderful village workers.

I know it’s not their fault.

But they just whipped out the chain saw, cut the tree down in 10 seconds and threw it into the wood chipper.

Didn’t they realize how much joy this tree brought to our family?

How much shade and privacy and love we felt from this mighty creature?

Here lies what is left of our friend.

We loved you, old Ash tree.

But in the end, we just couldn’t save you.

Another tree will be planted here next spring.

But you will always have a place in our hearts.

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