Chicago mom: I use these baby products more than my kids

There are many items created specifically with infants or toddlers in mind. But let’s be honest, as parents, we use many of these same items ourselves on a daily basis. We just don’t admit it as often as we should.

These items may be targeted toward kids but they’re really family friendly and I know, at least in my household, I find myself using these five things even more than my son.

1) Tableware: Snack boxes and plates are perfect for portion control for your kids. But the small plastic bowls are also perfect for the veggies you chop when you’re prepping for dinner. When your little one graduates to big kid tableware, at least you know you’ll still have a use for the old stuff.

2) Baby Wipes: Newsflash – adults make messes as much as kids do . . . if not more. I find that we use my son’s diaper wipes more often than he does when we’re out and about. Mud on shoes? No problem, we have a wipe for that. Small spill at lunch? Baby wipes will clean that right up. When we put a stash of wipes in the diaper bag, it’s really for me – not my son.

3) Baby lavender lotion: I use a baby lavender lotion on my son after his nighttime bath, but what he doesn’t know is that I secretly sneak the bottle into my bathroom afterwards so I too can have skin as soft as a baby’s tush. Not only does it smell great, but it’s light and not greasy – unlike some of the lotions you’ll find out there that are made specifically for adults.

4) Teething Biscuits: These biscuits make the perfect snack and leave you satisfied, but not feeling guilty. Sure, they’re no Snickers, but when you’re on the go, these low-cal snacks are great for you and your little one.

5) Bibs: These make the best rags to clean stainless steel appliances – no joke. My son moved on from cloth bibs pretty early on and I didn’t want to get rid of the oh so cute muslin Aden+Anais bibs, so I used them to clean. These bibs are perfect because they don’t scratch the appliances and absorb a ton of liquid.

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