Toddler fun in Lake County

You’ve survived back-to-school time and now it’s just you and the toddler at home. After the excitement of having mom all to themselves wears off — about an hour after school drop off — the need for entertainment will set in. It’s tough for little ones to go from having a constant playmate to being with just mom and that can make them a little stir-crazy. Not to mention they want to be like the big kids and go to school, too! Thrill them by declaring today Field Trip Day! These local attractions won’t take long to get to and are small enough that you can be finished and home in time for a nap.


Children’s Neighborhood Museum at the Round Lake Area Park District


Located inside the Robert W. Rolek Community Center (814 Hart Rd., Round Lake) the museum is a tot size replica of a town. Children 6 and younger can drive cars to the local gas station, be a fireman or build a house. There is also a crawler zone for non-walkers. Admission is $6 per child, adults are free. See website for hours and a coupon.


Dinosaur Discovery Museum


Part of the Kenosha Public Museums group, this small museum is perfect for dinosaur loving toddlers. They can wander through one large gallery filled with skeletons or watch work in a real life lab. Every Saturday the museum hosts Dino Digs programs where children can experience excavating a fossil. Admission is free, see website for hours.


Volo Auto Museum


Car lovers will be in seventh heaven at this museum that features not just cars, but movies and american history, too. Children can wander through the Warner Brothers and Disney galleries, play in the vintage arcade and ride on classic kiddie rides. The museum is open daily. Admission is $15 for adults and $9 for children.


Wildlife Discovery Museum


Children can learn all about native reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals at this free museum located at Elawa Farm. Despite it’s size, the museum is home to about 85 species of animals including a crocodile and a bobcat. After seeing the animals inside you can hike the savannah or play at the nearby playground.


Raupp Museum


The Raupp museum has three galleries that tell the history of the Buffalo Grove area through hands-on exhibits. Learn about the Potawatomi and early farm settlements through their garden or by milking a cowing. Stop at the crossroads train station to listen to a telegraph or shop the general store. Open Monday – Thursday, admission is free. On days when there is no school, there is special programming held.


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