Time-off for a stay-at-home Chicago mom? The nerve!

I have a little secret. Monday through Friday, I have three hours and thirty-five minutes to myself. 

Five days a week.


I am not bragging, I am simply amazed by it all.

For years I have had “no time” for myself.

Constantly wiping noses, cleaning up messes, dragging one child or another with me to my OBGYN.

I don’t go to my OBGYN constantly.

Once a year just feels like it is.

And as of this past August, I am finding myself at a crossroads.

Asking myself, “Am I still a stay-at-home mom if my children aren’t even here for part of the day??”

I have been a stay-at-home mom for five and a half years.

Well, I was a stay-at-home mom when my oldest was little but then I went back to school and held a part-time job before my youngest came along.

So officially, I have been a stay-at-home mom for many years but for five and a half years consecutively.

I have only had this three hour and thirty-five minute break for exactly eight weeks and the “questions” are already starting to roll in:

What do you do while they are gone?

Do you plan to go back to work??

Do you love having ALL that time to yourself???

I even have fun excuses to give to anyone who asks why I am not “working”:

But my love for daytime television far exceeds my desire to pay for the upgraded cell phone package!

I really do love the calluses that clipping coupons gives me!

I am furiously working on a paleo version of Bon Bons!

For the record, three hours and thirty-five minutes isn’t a huge chunk of time in the grand scheme.

But it is indeed “time.”

And because it isn’t filled with jobs that I need to complete a W-2 form for, it is in question – by those outside of my home.

But for those that live inside my home, I am still mom.

I am still keeping the family on schedule, doing all the laundry, volunteering at school, still driving to the practices, coaching teams and making dinner each night.

I haven’t once had any person under my roof ask me, “so what do you do all day?”

Because they know.

And they like that I am “here.”

So I am good with that.

Now where did I put the remote control . . .

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