The best playgrounds near me: Lake County

Jewett Park – Tot Lot

836 Jewett Park Drive, Deerfield

Best for: 8 and younger

Why kids love it: This spot is loved by little ones because of the pretend train. It’s also just a quick walk from the Deerfield Metra Station, making it a perfect train-themed morning.

Why parents love it: It’s pretty well shaded and is totally fenced in, so there is no chance of running off without Mom. 

Good to know: The park is utilized by the preschool and may be unavailable at times. 

Jewett Park

836 Jewett Park Drive, Deerfield

Best for: Everyone, especially children 8 and older

Why kids love it: Jewett is the centerpiece of the Deerfield Park District. It has a large pavilion that holds events and plenty of picnic seating. The park is huge with multiple structures and a giant three-story rocket ship with two slides. My older kids love the spinner they have here, it has tall netted sides and can hold more than a dozen children as they spin themselves silly. Families of mixed ages will love that there is a miniature structure that is almost a duplicate copy of the larger structure for smaller children. 

Why parents love it: As a parent, Jewett Park is a perfect destination for those days when you have several things you need to get done but don’t want to drag the kids on a bunch of errands. You can play, do shopping in the nearby downtown district and finish with a picnic in the park. Some area restaurants will even deliver to the park; you know, if you’re the kind of parent who forgets to pack lunch. (I might have experience with Deerfield Italian Kitchen doing this.)

Good to know: Both parks are utilized by the preschool and day camps. While the large playground won’t be closed, it may be crowded if the day camps are present. There are also really nice bathrooms at the large pavilion. 

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