Chicago mom: 10 style lessons motherhood has taught me

First time mothers can agree that motherhood is a foreign concept filled with unexpected moments ranging from labor to potty training.

Many articles have been written on the topics of what to feed your child, how to breastfeed and what is the best stroller to buy.

Although those are very important topics to cover, no one is writing about the *real issues.

What are the real issues? I’m glad you asked; the real issues are personal style pre- and post-baby.

Below are 10 style lessons I learned from motherhood.

1. Never ever wear white around your child because you become a magnet for stains.

2. Dangly earrings or statement necklaces are out of the question until your child turns three or four.

3. Leggings are your best friend during and after pregnancy.

4. Your feet grow half a size bigger and if you’re lucky they’ll go back to their original size … a year later.

5. Heels? What heels? It’s hard to chase a toddler in four inch heels. Flats please!

6. Two words: Sara Blakely (Founder of Spanx).

7. Nursing bras make up 90 percent of your brassiere inventory.

8. You will take no offence to people asking you what that stain on your shirt is and simply reply “spit up.”

9. Getting dressed will take less than ten minutes because … children.

10. Hats and headbands are part of your daily outfit because bad hair days are “business as usual.”

What are some of the style lessons you’ve learned since becoming a parent? Leave them in the comment section below.

*sarcasm intended.

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