Stocking stuffers for essential oils-obsessed Chicago parents

Essential oils have taken the parenting world by storm in recent years. No matter what ailment your kids come down with, or what household chore needs to be done, there usually is an oil or a blend of oils that can help. 

You’ve heard of the tops oil brands: doTERRA, Young Living, Rocky Mountain Oils, but there are also unassuming, everyday products that also utilize the power of essential oils? These are perfect stocking stuffers for any essential oils-obsessed friend or family member in your life.

Poo-pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray – For dad

You’ve seen the commercials, you know purpose of this magical little product. But did you know that the secret weapons behind the potty time sensation are essential oils? The blend of oils creates a barrier on the water that prevents unpleasant odors from escaping. 

If you’re too embarrassed to gift this directly, Poo-pourri would make a great White Elephant gift! (Pair it with this book for an extra giggle.)

Poo-pourri retails for $9.95+, and three new holiday scents — Spiced Apple, Merry Spritzmas and Secret Santa — are now available.

Masigi Pulling Oil Mouthwash – For mom

Oil pulling dates back to ancient times. It’s basically the practice of swishing an oil in your mouth to eliminate bacteria and toxins that hide in the places toothbrushes and floss can’t reach, resulting in better overall oral hygiene. Masigi ups the health benefit factor by adding in the power of essential oils. Two blends — Fresh and Boost — combine peppermint and spearmint, and grapefruit, ginger and cinnamon with organic virgin coconut oil to soothe digestion issues and jump start your metabolism.

The oil comes in convenient to-go packs (the perfect size for stockings!). Simply swish, or pull, the oil in your mouth for at least five minutes and up to 20 minutes every morning and spit it out when you are done. First time pullers should note that the process does take some getting used to as you are not supposed to swallow the mixture.

One box of Masigi Pulling Oil Mouthwash (a two-week supply) retails for $28.

Oilogic Essential Oil Care – For kids

Sound familiar? The kids are sick and can’t sleep or they just won’t sleep. These exhausting situations are ones that parents come to know quite well in the early years. Oilogic helps everyone in the family get better sleep with their Slumber and Sleep and Stuffy Nose and Cough essential oil blends. 

When it comes to using essential oils topically on babies or young kids, properly diluting them with a carrier oil (coconut, extra virgin olive oil, jojoba, etc.) is a must. Oilogic takes care of that so it’s not a worry parents need to have. 

Choose from a roll-on, vapor bath, calming cream or epsom soak, and restful sleep is just around the corner.

Oilogic products retail for 9.99+.

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