Easy home improvement projects every Chicago family should do

I love spring. When you live in Chicago, spring is the beginning of many things: fresh air, open windows, long walks, days in the park, birds chirping and my favorite — home projects.

After being stuck inside for months, you begin to notice the many issues your home has. For instance, the drab paint color that hasn’t been updated in, oh I don’t know, two years. Or the cracks on the ceiling, or the broken porch screens or the dusty ceiling light fixtures. The list is endless.

Well, at least for me, the list is endless. I know many homeowners wait for warmer temps to begin home projects. We wait because we simply want to be able to open the windows or maybe you need to do the projects outside because of paint fumes. Regardless, my local Benjamin Moore store gets excited when Chicago temps hit 41 degrees because that means their shop gets busy again. It was no different when I recently headed in and saw a line of contractors ready to check out, a handful of soon-to-be mommies staring at color chips and some DIY’ers picking out new brushes.

Ah, that is the look of spring in Chicago!

Anyhoo, it is no different for me. Every spring I have a MASSIVE list of home projects to be accomplished. As I was looking over the list, I realized that there are some home improvement plans every homeowner, or at least every Chicagoan, should consider this and/or every spring.


Paint is the best way to freshen up any space. Whether it is an accent wall or entire room, open up some windows and take on a paint project. Every spring I also do “touch up” paint throughout the house. Patch and paint corners, holes on walls and baseboards.


Caulk is a homeowner’s best friend. After those long winters there is cracking or separating between crown mouldings. Make sure you look up and simply caulk those areas. Caulk around door frames and built-ins, too. Since you have the caulk out, go ahead and head into the bathroom to caulk around toilets, showers and sinks.


Since you might be on a ladder caulking, grab a Swiffer and swiffer those ceilings. No joke, every spring I grab a Swiffer and wipe the walls and ceilings. You would be amazed at how dusty the walls and ceilings actually get. Try it out and you will see.


This is my go to for anything wood. Grab a bottle in your stain of choice and an old rag. Then shine up those wood pieces. From dining tables to chairs, give your furniture some good old-fashioned love.

Lemon Oil

Your wood pieces need a little juice after a long winter. Grab some all natural wood lemon oil and restore some juice into their lives. They will soak it up and thank you later.


This is something my Papi Leo taught me via my mom. Nothing like WD-40. Spray it in all the squeaking doors. From a front door to your bedroom door. I spray a little on all the windows as well, so that they slide easier after a winter of being closed up. Also, if you have a dining table that has extensions, spray some into the springs. Everything needs a little juice so that it will continue to function properly.


If you are not painting your baseboards this spring (I try to paint my baseboards every three years), then grab a wet rag and wipe them all down. These also collect dirt and dust. If needed, do some touch ups along the way.


We all have them throughout the home. From vases to knick knacks and decor accessories. Grab every piece of glassware or ceramic ware throughout your house and take them into the kitchen. Go ahead and place them in the dishwasher. Give them a good old wash down. We all wipe them down when cleaning our home, but you will be amazed to see how much they actually shine after a good old washing.

Kitchen cabinets

If you have wood cabinets use some lemon oil to give them a happy face. Take everything out and wipe down the insides as well. And don’t forget to spray a little WD-40 on hinges.

Scrub floor tiles

We Swiffer and we mop, but do we really scrub? I mean down on our knees with a toothbrush. Grab a bucket and floor brush and give your tiles some attention.


Do you have slipcover furniture or throw pillows? Remove the slipcovers and the pillows covers and throw them in the wash. If you cannot remove the pillow covers, take them to a local dry cleaners and have them washed for you. Trust me, you will be thankful later.

Well, those are my top 10 spring home improvement tips, what are yours?

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