Chicago mom finds the silver lining in relentless cold weather

With the snow that fell this week, all of our Facebook feeds are blowing up with gripes and complaints about the cold weather. I’ll admit it: I had foolishly put our winter coats away in the back closet and I was not thrilled to pull them back out this week.

But, there is a silver lining.

If you’re at all like me, this year’s polar vortex means that not only have we been stuck inside away from our sleds, we have also accumulated a lot more . . . well, crap over the past few months. And trust me, we had enough to begin with!

My craft cabinet is a complete disaster: Paints, foam balls, toilet paper tubes, tissue, glue, pipe cleaners, glitter . . . that’s just the start of it. At this point, the door doesn’t even close all of the way.

So, when these random cold days continue to sneak up on us (because come on, people, it’s Chicago and this will continue through May, I promise you) – I’m going to set up our craft table and cruise through the clutter. It’s spring cleaning, kid-style.

Mother’s Day gifts? No problem. Let’s get a jump on Father’s Day while we’re at it. Grandparents haven’t gotten a card in a while? Glitter glue, it is.

Once summer arrives, we will only be in the house to bathe, eat and sleep. By then, my cabinet will be a whole lot cleaner. And since my pantry is in the same condition, maybe we’ll send out some care packages along the way as well.

Now, can anyone tell me what my kids should wear to soccer practice in the snow?

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