3 spas to slip out of snow day stress

When I became a parent, I was prepared for the stress. I knew there would be times when it would be mentally taxing. I was ready for the times when things would get emotional. I had talked to other parents. I read books. I was ready for those uncomfortable moments, discussions and topics.

I was not ready for the pain. The literal, aching muscles of parenthood. No one warned me.

No one told me my knees would be sore from crawling on the floor looking for Legos and lovies or from pretending to be a horse. There is no book about aching glutes from sitting in teeny tiny chairs while having tea parties.

I never heard about how my hands would be so sore from doing hours and hours and hours of craft projects. I wasn’t warned about my head hurting from helping with homework. I had no idea my back would hurt from holding a four-year-old for almost the entire duration of “Disney on Ice.” No one mentions the sore arms from playing volleyball for hours and hours because it makes your kids giggle.

Although I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything, I wish I would have received a heating pad, some Bengay and some Advil with my baby shower gifts. Just as a warning.

If you’re like me and have some achy muscles from keeping up with your kids, this weekend’s past snow storm did you no favors. Playing in the snow for hours and massive amounts of shoveling completely wrecked my body. This alternating between ice and heat thing is for the birds.

This mom needs a spa day.

Here are my three favorite places to relax and get a massage. I have even treated my honey to trips to these particular spas in the past, and he gave them the manly man stamp of approval.

Kohler Water Spa – This luxurious spa is in Burr Ridge. My sister and I have gone for our birthdays to take part in a full day of glorious relaxation. This spa offers a wonderful list of services including massage, facials, hydrotherapy, nail services and body treatments. When you have an appointment at the Kohler Water Spa of Burr Ridge, you also have access to the water spa. This is definitely a unique experience, and worth it.

Yoga 360 – Yoga 360 is a yoga studio and spa located in south suburban Frankfort. They offer holistic and natural skincare treatments, massages and seasonal specials. This was my favorite place to get prenatal massages when my back was achy from chasing two toddlers, and I had a third on the way. The spa is relaxing, and you can also take part in a yoga class at this location, if you are so inclined.

Jeffrey LaMorte Salon and Day Spa – The Jeffrey LaMorte Salon and Day Spa is a traditional salon and spa that offers everything you need to feel pampered and relaxed. The hot stone massage is perfect for this time of year, especially after heaving piles of heavy snow. I recommend the spa pedicure for sore feet. It’s like heaven on earth.

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