Simple, low-cost ways to enjoy spring in Chicago

Most of the Windy City has an extra spring in their step and smiles on their faces. The long winter of hibernating has come to a close and we all seem to emerge outside our homes in an effort to experience our city.

I took my kids to the Planetarium last week over spring break. I came home more than 100 dollars poorer. Although, we learned a lot, I knew I had to find some activities that were low budget.

The CTA. Do this at off hours to avoid the crowds. My kids think there is nothing better than the excitement of catching the bus and pulling the string to get off. Since riding the El is even rarer, my kids literally scream, “Wee!” as we ride it!

Random destinations. You can get off at any El or bus stop and explore the parks, coffee shops, local stores and neighborhood.

Hopscotch. Draw the hopscotch board anywhere you have some cement outside. It is actually great exercise for parents as well (or was it just me that got winded playing with my daughter?)

Planting seeds. Until it gets warmer, plant them indoors near a window. Nothing is more exciting for kids or adults alike when a fresh sprout emerges from the dirt.

Open your windows. Feel the fresh air and appreciate the sunlight (when it’s not pouring rain, that is).

In my opinion, spring is the best time of year. We are so lucky to live in a beautiful city and all we have to do is get outside and enjoy it!

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