Chicago mom: Shopping parties are draining my wallet

I’ve always loved parties and relish in any excuse to leave the house; quickly accepting most invitations as soon as I receive them.

Lately, a lot of the invitations I’ve gotten are for “shopping parties.” At first glance, I’m intrigued; wine, snacks and shopping are all things I enjoy. However, the invitation should say to remember to bring your credit card, because this “party” is really a request to come over and buy stuff.

This concept is not new and dates back to the days of Tupperware parties. I actually would attend a Tupperware party today as none of mine have tops that fit and I use and need plastic containers.

Today there are parties for everything – clothes, candles, cleaning supplies, crafts and artwork.

It is fun to get together with the ladies, drink wine, talk about the kids and shop, but I’ve left those “parties” some HUNDREDS dollars poorer. Truth be told, I never bought anything that was so amazing that I can say it was worth it.

Either the atmosphere entices me or as my husband says, “[I’m] a sucker and can’t say no.”

Honestly, I do feel obligated to buy something. I think it is somewhat expected and rude not to leave with even the smallest thing. Instead of not following proper etiquette, I am now turning down invitations to such parties since I do not want to feel forced to spend money.

What do you think? When it comes to shopping parties, is it better to go but not buy anything or not go at all?

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