How to reuse water bottles for easy yard decor

Instead of tossing those water bottles from your next barbecue, turn them into colorful wind spirals that bounce and swing in that sweet summer breeze. Your yard will come to life as the sun shines through the bright spirals hanging from your tree branches.


  • Empty plastic water bottles
  • Scissors
  • Sharpies
  • String or twine (optional)


  1. Remove label from water bottles and dry inside and out. Discard top cap.
  2. Using colored Sharpies, decorate the outside of the water bottle. Color vertical stripes, horizontal stripes or any pattern you wish, but just make sure the entire exterior surface of the bottle is colored.
  3. Cut off the flat bottom of the water  bottle and discard the piece. Starting at an angle, begin to cut around and around the bottle to create a spiral. Try to keep the strip under an inch in width. Keep cutting until you get to the rounded top and stop.
  4. Take your wind spiral outside to find a thin tree branch to slide the cap top onto. Or you can use twine or string to tie the cap to a branch.
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