A trip to New York recharges Chicago mom

Sometimes, as mothers, wives, friends, chauffeurs, chefs, workers and community members – we get burned out. Throw in hundreds of inches of snow and I was well, short-circuiting. So I decided to do something about it. I packed a bag and went on a two and a half day “Me Trip” to New York.

I didn’t tell anyone that I was going (Okay, I did spill it to two girlfriends and my own family). But I didn’t post a word on Facebook. I didn’t answer emails. I didn’t watch my spending (much) and I delved into “Me World” for two and a half glorious days.

I saw “Mama Mia” on Broadway. I ate nice food and drank long sips of red wine. I stayed in a very nice hotel. I slept till 9 a.m.!

I walked the shops of Soho, The Village, Times Square and then I came back to the room and read a magazine.

I lazied around my bed, catching up on episodes of “How I Met Your Mother.”

I took a long shower without anyone knocking at my bathroom door.

I walked. I walked and I walked some more. Even though it was cold and windy, I didn’t care.

Now, normally when one describes this sort of trip there is a little guilt. But, my amazing, saint of a husband, left me worry free. He did a great job entertaining and caring for my kids over a long holiday weekend and I didn’t care about the laundry or dishes I knew were waiting for me when I arrived home.

I spent time thinking; thinking about how little sometimes we remember to exist. How throughout the busyness of life, I need to try to breathe and take moments to be grateful and happy. But winter often sucks the life out of me so just changing my environment and taking some downtime allowed me to remember how my life is truly gifted.

I remembered how happy my children and my husband make me. How much I enjoy a peaceful life, without the hustle and bustle and smells of the New York I left behind many years ago. How blessed I am to be married to a man who gets when and why I pack a bag and go to New York for two and a half days.

I came home renewed; batteries charged. I loved my life again. I didn’t mind early wake-ups for getting the kids off to school, I was excited to hug them and hear about the drama of their days. I looked forward to my comfy bed and late night chats with my hubby. I was actually not marred at all when I arrived home to melty, wet snow and 40 degree temps (yes!). I feel like I broke through to the other side and now I can be Me again. Ready to plug back in . . .

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