20 things to do with your Chicago kids on a rainy day

Rainy days tend to sneak up on us in Chicago, don’t they? If you’re stuck to find something to do, check out these rainy day solutions that guarantee lots of family fun.

1. Spend time at an indoor amusement park.

Ride a few coasters and bumper cars at these indoor amusement parks. Most of them have some fun arcade games too!

2. Try a new restaurant.

If you’re a family of foodies, consider going to a new place to eat. We’ve gathered a list of Chicagoland restaurant picks perfect for kids from sushi to secret Starbucks drinks.

3. Jump around.

Tired of the kids jumping on the bed? Take them to these indoor trampoline parks where they can let their energy out.

4. Visit your local library.

A trip to the library is never a bad idea, especially on a rainy day. Make sure to check out one of these new children’s books.

5. Smell the flowers.

These indoor nature centers will give your kiddos plenty of space to explore without stepping into those muddy puddles.

Photo Credit: Waterlemon Kids

6. Check out an indoor playspace.

Our mega list includes the best play places for kids and we promise that they’ll sleep soundly on the way home.

7. Volunteer.

Spend the day thinking about how you can give back more as a family. Here’s our guide on where to start.

8. Head to the movies.

Splurge on some popcorn and see one of the latest family movies out in theaters. (Good guess: it’s a live-action Disney film).

9. Eat a lot of candy.

Your kiddos won’t say no to a trip to a candy store where you can enjoy some good old-fashioned sweet treats.

10. Play a board game.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but why not introduce some board games that you used to play as a kid?

Photo Credit: The People’s Choice Family Fun Center 

11. Play mini golf.

These indoor mini-golf courses make the trip worth it with their special glow-in-the-dark experiences. How cool is that?!

12. Eat at a train restaurant.

Your kids will go choo choo over these train-themed restaurants in the Chicagoland area. There are even some that have model trains delivering food to your table.

13. Go to a museum.

Chicagoland museums are made for rainy days. While you’re at it, don’t miss out on these family-friendly exhibits either.

14. Make a craft.

Crafting is never a bad idea to entertain kids. Try these DIY projects made for a rainy day.

15. Climb your heart out.

Your daredevils will love nothing more than to hit these indoor rock climbing gyms. Parents, you can join in on the fun too!

Photo Credit: Kido

16. Shop at a children’s store.

Support some small businesses by visiting your favorite children’s store. We suggest stopping by at one of these new family establishments.

17. Exercise.

Don’t stay inside and be a couch potato all day! Get some exercise at these family fitness classes instead.

18. Head to the mall.

Some malls aren’t just about shopping. Woodfield Mall, for example, has some great family attractions!

19. Just keep swimming.

Even if it’s pouring, that doesn’t stop some outdoor fun with these indoor swimming pools!

20. Catch up on what’s streaming.

If all else fails, curl up on the couch and watch some family shows and movies streaming online.

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