5 fun popcorn shops in the Western suburbs

Kernel’s Gourmet Popcorn More

My house is full of popcorn fans. We not only enjoy it at the movies or during family movie night, but also as a fun snack or for special events.


When we want to really up the popcorn fun factor, we hit the popcorn shop and thankfully there are several great popcorn stores nearby. The aromatherapy of walking into these fun places is reason to go alone, but we love checking out the fun flavors and packaging.


The Little Popcorn Store


111 1/4 Front Street, Wheaton


This shop is worth visiting just see one of the narrowest stores in the Chicagoland area. Your kids (and you) will be pretty amazed. It measures 49 inches wide by 60 feet long and walking inside feels like a step back in time. The Little Popcorn Store was first established in 1921, and the popcorn hasn’t changed much. You can almost taste the tradition.


There are also tons of penny candy options that delight visitors. Kids don’t mind using their math skills when trying to figure out just how much they can buy for one dollar.


Kernel’s Gourmet Popcorn & More


316 W. State St., Geneva


22 E. Chicago Ave., Naperville


Two locations in the suburbs tells you how popular this popcorn is. There are a variety of flavors and they offer free samples so you can figure out your favorite. The Fire Pop is a unique spicy, cheesy flavor, but you can also get kettle, caramel, movie, cheesy and white cheddar flavors. You can also ask for a few different combo options they have available if you’re having a tough time making a selection.


Wells Street Popcorn


5124 Main St., Downers Grove


Chicago is known for it’s love of popcorn and Wells Street Popcorn brings that amazingness, including what the store calls “the best caramel and cheddar mixed popcorn that money can buy,” to downtown Downers Grove. They pop the corn daily in kitchens that are peanut free, gluten free and tree nut free.


Popcorn Palace


30 Jefferson Ave., Naperville


The 18 flavors available fall into categories labeled sweet, savory, simple and supreme. Cheesy ranch, rainbow and cookies and cream are unique and fun, but the traditional ones like caramel are still the biggest sellers. You can create a custom combo of your favorites, and they offer pairing suggestions. They also sell Haagen-Dazs ice cream if your family members are split on what treats they prefer.


Popcorn Haven


4412 New York St. (Yorkshire Plaza), Aurora


Prepare to be amazed at the options offered by Popcorn Haven. With 100 flavors available in the store (and 250 flavors found online), chances are they have what you’re looking for, plus a lot of popcorn flavors you never knew existed, including strawberry cheesecake, root beer and bacon cheddar.

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