Plane travel sanity savers

If you’re the type of parent who can breeze through a trip to the airport and a plane ride with your kids without breaking a sweat (or, let’s be honest, swearing under your breath), I commend you. I, on the other hand, have anxiety for days leading up to a big trip. These products have helped me get a handle on some of the stress that comes with traveling with littles.

Skip Hop Zoo Kids Rolling Luggage

Once your kid is old enough to be responsible for their own luggage, I say let them. They’ll feel proud you trust them with such a grown-up task and it’s one less thing you have to keep track of. Skip Hop’s line of rolling luggage is stinkin’ adorable. They come in animal designs–dog, monkey, owl, giraffe and my daughter’s favorite, the ladybug– and are light and easy for little hands to manage. Make a game out of filling their mini suitcase with a few toys and books to keep them occupied on the flight.

Mom tip: Don’t put anything irreplaceable or with sentimental value in the kids’ luggage (I’m looking at you, three-year-old lovey), just in case it gets lost.


LatchPal breastfeeding clip

Breastfeeding on a plane is great for so many reasons: the swallowing motion can help relieve ear pressure and it’s one of the easiest ways to calm a fussy baby. But what happens when you can’t get your shirt up in time? And your cranky baby is squirming in the small space. And their cries are getting louder. And people are staring and judging. (Are you stressed just reading that?) If you’ve ever been there, or don’t ever want to be there, make sure to have LatchPal the next time you fly. The clip can quickly and easily be attached with one hand and keeps your shirt out of the way and your hands free. So you can just focus on snuggling that babe of yours all the way to your final destination.


ETY•Kids safe-listening earphones

One of the easiest ways to occupy older kids on a flight is to set up a movie on the iPad and throw a pair of headphones on them. But have you ever considered how much the stock headphones so many of us parents use could be damaging their ears? I’ll be honest, I never had. But most kids can only handle a few minutes of sound at decibel levels higher than 100 before their hearing can become damaged. ETY•Kids headphones not only restrict the volume controls to stay within safe listening ranges, but they also effectively cancel out background noise.


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Touch Sanitizing GermBlock

Planes are filled with germs. It’s a fact. Touch GermBlock is an aerosal-based sanitizing spray kills 99.99 percent of germs and protects up to six hours. Spray on a little before you board your flight and help keep the sickies away during your vacay. Bonus: the spray is made of organic essential oils, so instead of drying hands out like alcohol-based formulas, it moisturizes them!


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