4 different uses for your kids’ school picture day photos

At the beginning of every school year is the long-awaited picture day!! I actually look forward to this grand event because I use the pictures provided for many different things. I tend to buy the package that has one full page of wallet sized pictures and at least a few larger sized pictures that fit in a 4×6 envelope. Here are some ideas on what you can do to make use of your kids’ school picture photos.

1. I send each grandparent, aunt and uncle a wallet size and 4×6 with a little note on the back.

2. I put one wallet size of each of my kids in my wallet for emergencies. Have you ever been in a supermarket (ME) or at a kids’ carnival and your rascal disappears, even if only for a second? Well, I am ready to whip out the latest photo of my kid and be the screaming mom, “Have you seen this kid?!?!?!?!” only to turn around and see him playing. But, boy am I glad I had a picture ready.

3. Each of my kids has a school yearbook. I place a picture of them from that year in it and then keep their report cards and special items in pockets behind the picture.

​It’s j​ust something simple that could fit on a bookshelf and has room for a few keepsakes.

4. Every year we write their names on lunchboxes, thermoses, backpacks, folders, etc. And every year something gets lost. Usually by mid year the writing has worn off. Probably because I am a neat freak and I was their items constantly. Well, for my younger kid I started using the pictures on their school and sports items. This way, there is no doubt which Spiderman thermos is his. This is also great for the younger preschoolers or kids in daycare who can’t read just yet.

Here are my son Charlie’s school items:

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