Chicago mom: 2 apps to turn your photos into works of art

It’s no secret that we, as parents, love to take pictures of our kids. In a previous post, I shared some apps that allow you to take photos that look like they were taken by professionals. Now, I want to share some super cool apps that transform your photos into works of art (just in time for Valentine’s Day).


I’ve always longed to have a sketch artist do a charcoal drawing of our kids. But I’ve had a hard time pulling the trigger on this given the exorbitant price tag that is often charged for them. Luckily, I just found this little app that does just that.

PicSketch allows anyone to turn a photo into a charcoal sketch with just a few taps.

Here’s how it works: After downloading the app, select a photo from your camera roll (or you can take a new photo). Adjust the crop of the image. Across the bottom of the screen are thumbnails of different brush strokes and you can just tap on which one you want to apply. Make sure you scroll through all the thumbnails as my preference are for the lighter ones that are further to the right. There is also an option to change the background color of the paper that your sketch will appear on. Then watch as your image is transformed.

Here’s the picture of my son that I started with:

Here’s the charcoal rendering.

I love the delicate detail of this drawing so much that I’m having it framed for my bedroom. This app is $1.99 in the App store.



The Waterlogue app transforms your photos into beautiful watercolor sketches that look like paintings, all without the mess of a paintbrush and paint. It approaches the editing of your photos with an artist’s eye.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, it’s easy to select an image from your camera roll and watch it morph into different painting styles that appear along the bottom of the screen. Each different filter has a thumbnail example of it’s specific effect. Here’s an example of the dramatic transformation:

A somewhat generic picture of my daughter. Truly nothing special and most likely one that would eventually be deleted:

Now here’s the watercolor version:

I’m thinking this is perfect for a Valentine’s Day card for the grandparents. Waterlogue is $2.99 in the app store.

Before you delete your photos, try these apps to turn them into something special. Have fun creating!

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