New app makes it easier for kids to experience different activities in Chicago

Music class. Art and crafts. Soccer. Swimming. Gymnastics. Dance lessons. With more than 400+ activity centers in the Chicago area, it can be difficult to choose the best fit for your family.

Plus, you can expect to shell out a few hundred buckaroos for one class, so you can’t enroll your kids in all of them without breaking the bank.

And, let’s face it, time is precious. Do you actually have the time to carpool them to multiple classes every single day? Imagine what your calendar would look like … yikes!

And what if your kiddo gets sick? You can rarely make up a lesson or a game.

Luckily, your new BFF is here to help. Introducing Pearachute, a new Chicago-based activity tracker app designed to offer your family convenient, on-demand class options that will ultimately save you time and money. And, bonus, it will also give your child the freedom to be involved in several activities all at once!

Founder and Chicago mom, Desiree Vargas Wrigley, created Pearachute for many reasons, including, most importantly, to help create moments of joy and memories for kids. Because isn’t that what it’s all about? Hey, you may even meet other cool moms and dads. I call that a win-win.

Pearachute has joined forces with businesses like Goldfish Swim School, Merry Music Makers, Pump It Up, Little Kickers and many more. With a list of nearly 30 activity centers (and growing!), your kids will have the opportunity to take soccer lessons, music classes or try something completely new, whenever their little heart desires.

Once you register and sign up, you have access to choose from all the partners mentioned on their website. There are two monthly options: $99 for unlimited classes (one child) or a five class pass for $79 (can be shared amongst siblings).

Did we mention how flexible the membership is? Toddler meltdowns and puking  can sometimes interfere with class .. errr, life, so classes can easily be canceled up to one hour beforehand.

Pearachute launches today (Feb. 15) in Chicago city proper. Locations in the greater Chicagoland area will be rolling out in the near future. So don’t fret suburban moms and dads! You, too, will soon be able to take advantage.

For more information about Pearachute, click here.

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