Chicago mom trend: Playing with pastels for spring

A shade usually reserved for Easter Sunday has been making a major comeback this spring. We’ve seen the “baby colors” sashay on several catwalks during various fashion shows and on the cover of our favorite magazines.

In an effort to keep us moms on trend, I’ve tabulated three uncomplicated ways to incorporate these sorbet shades into your day to day without going overboard.


Easter is just a few days away, and although it’s a very good reason to wear a powder blue dress, it shouldn’t be the only one. Pastels are soft enough to be worn year round. Shorts and skirts in the warmer months and cozy sweaters during cooler seasons.


I know that trends aren’t for everyone. Not everyone fancies wearing a soft shade of green from head to toe as much as I do. I can understand that. But if you still love the idea and need some convincing, consider an accessory. A nice purse or a pair of shoes or shades always do the trick.


Accessories and clothes aren’t the only way to wear this season’s colors! Head to your local drugstore and check out the beauty section. Some of our favorite brands have a wide selection of lip stains in lighter shades which will keep you right on trend. And next time you visit your nail spa, give that red polish a rest and opt for the cotton candy pink instead!

Happy Pastel-ing!

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