At-home NYE party ideas for kids and parents

Believe it or not, this mama had a prime. I wore self tanner, five-inch heels and even considered a Bumpit to add drama to nights that needed no help at all.

Then I became a mom and the confetti in my hair became Cheerios. Five-inch heels are now weapons for my toddlers, and it’s going to take more than self tanner to give me a sun-kissed chance at bronzing up my glory days.

Old New Year’s Eve traditions may die hard for new parents, but a new year calls for new traditions. Here are ten New Year’s Eve party ideas for adults and kids that will have expensive nights out in crowded bars doing the walk of shame.

Confetti poppers

That’s right, I’m putting the confetti back in our hair, girls. Plus, this is a fun project to do with the kids and makes for the coolest NYE memories and photos. There’s a good template at

Cake Ball Drop Cupcakes

Move over Times Square, there’s a new ball in town. Plus, confetti cake is always a good idea. For an easy hack, use donut holes instead of cake balls.

New Years Eve shakers

If you have paper plates and dried rice or pasta these will be the coolest noisemakers ever. Let the kids personalize the plates with glitter and paint and let them shake away 2016. has a great template.

Dollar store accessories

2018 sunglasses, crowns, top-hats, mustaches, bow-ties and lips. The cheesier the better!

New Year’s resolutions

Resolutions are a cute way to include family and friends in good thoughts for next year. You can even roll them out next year and see how many wishes came true.

There are a ton of cute ideas, but my three favorites are 1.) A black poster board and a gold sharpie. Label the board “New Year’s Resolutions.” 2.) Re-label dark champagne bottles to say “Resolutions for 2018.” Pair with a metallic marker. Guests can write on the label or the glass. 3.) Tags for wine glasses is a cute way to remember your wine glass and your resolution.

Clear balloons

Blow them up in all different sizes to look like bubbles and stick them to the wall. This makes a great photo backdrop!

Cheeky midnight snacks

These will also make great party favors! Hershey’s kisses make great “midnight kisses,” ring pops will help you ring in the new year and fortune cookies will bring good fortune.

Confetti placemats

Each guest, especially the littles, can customize their placemats. A good festive DIY placemat is at

Personalized cups

Label ten champagne glasses, solo cups or plastic kids cups “10…” “9…” “8…” “7…” and so on. Not only is it festive, but it will take the guess work out of which glass belongs to whom.


Every minute counts when you’re counting down the new year. Games like Minute To Win It offers pure entertainment for kids and adults. has great ideas, but you can get creative with anything laying around your house.

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