New Year’s resolution: Take care of thyself from today

Happy HalloGiveMas Eve, readers!

Are you over it? I’m over it.

I have a bowlful of candy still sitting in my front hall, a half written grocery list for Thanksgiving, and some ideas rolling around in my idea for planning for *shhhh, whispering* Christmas (if I say it too loud the kids’ will come a running and ask about the dreaded Elf).

Remember the good old days when we used to celebrate all of these things separately? I do, and I am going back to that time. Each holiday is going to have it’s own day in the sun (ahem, snow).

My planning ahead will allow me to have a week of eating turkey, watching football and being thankful for Thanksgiving. The lists will hopefully mean that for *whispers* Christmas, I will be able to sit and actually eat a few of the Christmas cookies I bake and play a few of those games that Santa brings. Finally, for New Year’s, I am going to make good on a New Year’s resolution. This year, I am going to take care of thyself.

A few weeks back I wrote a post about how we parents should do a better job of taking care of ourselves in order to be better parents. Well, I think it is time I start practicing what I preach. Weather it be exercising, relaxing, volunteering, or just plain old walking around Target for a bit of alone time, I am going to find the best ways for parents to take care of themselves in 2015 and perhaps take better care of me, too.

Whether it be a romantic splurge as a couple or a more inexpensive weekend spent with friends, I plan to share products, places and fun ideas that will help you take some time for you. Think about how you’d come home refreshed, ready to take on whatever this parenting journey throws at you. You’d be more patient, more relaxed, more motivated, and an even more wonderful parent than you already are.

I know with all the chaos it is hard to think about it, but make one of your New Year’s resolutions to take care of thyself. Remember, your kids are counting on you!

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