Chicago mom is positively negative about winter

I am an optimist. I am a glass is half full, the sun is shining, going to make lemonade out of lemons, full of positivity kind of person. No one is going to rain on my parade. NO SIR! I’ve no time for negativity. I’m too full of positive clichés to think about that kind of nonsense.

Someone once told me I was annoyingly positive. I wasn’t even bothered by it. I was too busy being in a good mood and filling my glass half full of lemonade.

The only thing I’m positive about lately:

I am positively done with this frickin’ winter!

In the past, I have never complained about winter. To me it has always seemed trivial and pointless. I have chosen to live in Chicagoland. I love this area! I adore the changing seasons. The heat of summer, the leaves of autumn, the rain of spring and yes of the cold and snow of winter. I’ve always loved it all.

When this winter began, I could be found outside making snow angels with the kids, shoveling with my husband and snuggling under blankets. I spent the first few days off of school baking cookies, serving up hot cocoa and playing board games with my kids. Then we rented Redbox movies, colored pictures and had a family game of bowling on the Wii.

It was like an extended stay-cation.

Until, we had some plumbing issues. Even though we followed all the “rules,” our shower pipes still were frozen during the first icy blast, which meant no showers or baths for 36 hours of us all being trapped in the house. We were trapped in the house and unable to bathe. So yeah . . .

Then, with all the snow, it was as if there was nowhere else for all the snow to go. After shoveling and snowblowing, it was piled so high, it was taller than our mailbox. So much so that we got a nasty note from our mail person informing us to clear the snow as it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to deliver our mail. Whatever happened to “in rain, in sleet, in snow,” huh?

Next, came the ice dam on our roof. We didn’t really notice anything until the slight thaw that began to take place and the tiny leak that began to happen in our kitchen. This meant climbing on the roof in the cold to chop ice. That damn dam!

Finally, we all got strep throat.

This is on top of the snow shoveling, panic milk runs, wet boots, broken zippers on winter coats, lost mittens and having to drive to the bus stop.

My warm and cheery disposition has been frozen by the #PolarVortex.

If you are looking for me, I am hiding under the covers until it is above freezing.

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