Treat yourself: Top nail salons for a quick holiday boost

The other day I was in a meeting at work, casually admiring my female co-workers’ festive nails. One had a flawless manicure in rich mulberry. Another had a set of gel nails in shimmering pastel pink. “You guys,” I said. “Your nails look amaze.”

“Oh, thanks!” Mulberry replied. “I went to a holiday party this weekend. I figured I’d be holding a glass the whole time and people would be staring at my hands, so my nails might as well look good.”

I smiled and looked down at my nails, which is when I stopped smiling. They were painted, an accomplishment. But they’d been painted by me, a week ago, and the polish was growing thin and flat. The color was OK, sort of a spicy persimmon. My cuticles were a mess. And my hangnails? I just can’t.

Sitting there, I realized that despite feeling frazzled most days of the week, a set of pretty nails is a small effort that makes me feel (and look) like I’ve got it together. Even if you prefer nails au naturel, it’s a glorious thing to set aside 30 minutes and indulge in a little self-pampering–especially during the season of holiday parties, shopping and making sure Santa shows up.

The next day I visited Red 6 Nails in Northbrook. Just as I suspected, I can now take on the world.

You with me? Then check out these north suburban spots that really, well, nail it.


Red 6 Nails

3510 Milwaukee Ave.

Xquisite Nails

1036 Willow Road

Concept Nail Spa

507 Waukegan Road


Heavenly Nails & Spa

1625 Waukegan Road

UB Spa Nails

2200 Waukegan Road

Pure Therapy Spa

1218 Waukegan Road


MG Nail & Spa

810 Waukegan Road

Minnie’s Manicure

20550 Milwaukee Ave.

Queens Nail Boutique

45 North Waukegan Road

Highland Park

Serene Nails

818 Central Ave.

The Nail Shop & Spa

473 Roger Williams Ave.

Queens Nails and Spa

1896 First St.

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