Chicago mom is sick of motion sickness

My worst moments in parenting invariably have included midnight wakeups with puke forthcoming. There is absolutely nothing worse than unexpected late night projectile vomit. Nothing.

After 17+ years of parenting, I had my cleanup and prevention routine fairly down pat, until #4 really threw me for a loop. Extreme sensitivity to motion makes long car rides, plane rides or pretty much any ride, a sour vomit-fest involving a lot of Febreeze, a ton of laundry (or thrown out, un-savable clothing) and some not-so-mommy-like language.

I tried Dramamine on our last vacation flight after discovering I know the precise moment my daughter will toss her cookies. I have literally mastered the grab bag, vomit, wrap and toss. Even the flight attendants were impressed.

But, it’s exhausting for her and so hard to deal with – so I gave in to the drugs. She now sleeps the entire flight or car ride peacefully. Until, today.

Today, I picked her up from preschool. She began with our daily pickup question: “Anything exciting today Mommy?”

“Well, yes, I have to get plastic cups at the grocery store!”

“Woohoo!” She was excited.

Off we drove the ten-minute drive to Jewel. She walked with me, helping with a few extra items from the shelves. We approached the checkout with way more than just plastic cups in my cart. Suddenly, she looked a little green and I could tell from her leaning on me that her time was coming. Fast.

“Hand me a bag, QUICK!” I yelled to the cashier.

Stunned, she grabbed a bag as I caught my poor little one’s vomit just in time. As she collected herself, I left my full cart in the store and slowly drove home, making it just in time for the next round.

One hour out of the car and she has been completely fine. Ugh.

Does this mean no more car rides ever? How does one deal with extreme motion sickness? Do any mommas have tried-and-true methods that don’t involve sleepy drugs?

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