Chicago mom: I said I’d never be THAT mom

Yep, I'm that mom. 

When I was a young person, before marriage, before children, before becoming a homeowner, I used to say, “I will NEVER be that mom and I will never wear mom jeans.”

That mom.

I obviously knew nothing about anything because with every passing day I am becoming everything that I said I wouldn’t.

Yep, I’m that mom.

That mom who is constantly taking photos and sharing them with anyone who will glance at them.

That mom who is an emotional basket case and cries at every milestone of her child’s life, out of both sadness and pride.

That mom who asks her child(ren) a million and one questions including but not limited to, “How was school?” “What did you do today?” “Who did you sit with on the bus?” “Did you eat all your lunch?” “Did you turn in your homework?”

That mom who tip-toes into her kids’ rooms each night to check on them one last time.

That mom who cheers, “Go Big Blue!” a little too loudly at all the soccer games.

That mom who kisses her kids at the bus stop.

That mom who takes every safety precaution possible.

That mom who hangs up the kids’ artwork all over the house.

That mom who expects manners and good behavior at all times.

That mom who has a time limit on video games.

That mom who requires the eating of the vegetables before dessert is allowed.

At times I am no fun. At times I am overprotective. At times I am embarrassing. At times I am a nerd.

My younger self would be so ashamed of me.

However if loving my kids unconditionally, protecting them fearlessly, caring for them selflessly and teaching them diligently means being that mom, I can deal with it.

But, I will NEVER wear mom jeans!

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