Celebratory Mocktail Recipes for Any Occasion


Fruity, colorful and elegant non-alcoholic beverages can be just as fun as classic cocktails — you just need to think outside the usual can of soda or bottle of juice! 

These booze-free recipes are perfect for any occasion and for all ages. Serve a fancy, refreshing beverage to your entire family or craft a relaxing drink for yourself, sans alcohol. 

If you’re planning on whipping up a batch of drinks for company and want to offer an alcoholic option, there’s no need to make two separate drinks. Simply prepare a pitcher of your favorite mocktail recipe and allow guests to enjoy it as is, or pair it with our suggested spirit. 


Looking for holiday mocktails? Try one of these festive drink recipes

Mango Strawberry Sunrise

Sip on a sunrise in a glass with this fruity beverage that is just as pretty as it is tasty! Make a strawberry simple syrup by boiling down strawberries and granulated sugar. Then, layer mango juice and something bubbly — like lemon-lime soda or flavored seltzer water — and add your strawberry syrup to complete the sunrise! The best part of this mocktail is that you can customize the tropical juice and berry syrup to fit your family’s taste. 

Adults only: Add vodka or tequila to this recipe for a classic sunrise cocktail. 

Ginger Ale Blueberry Spritzers

For a more “adult” mocktail that’s less sweet and has a bit of a kick, whip up a pitcher of these ginger ale blueberry spritzers from I Am A Food Blog! To make homemade ginger ale, begin by boiling water, sugar and ginger to make a simple syrup. Add the homemade ginger syrup to a class of seltzer water, mix in crushed blueberries to taste and enjoy! 

Adults only: Add bourbon to make a blueberry Kentucky Mule that’s great for sipping. 

Citrus Magic Mocktail 

If you’re looking for a party-stopping, Instagrammable mocktail, look no further than the Citrus Magic! This mocktail from The Mindful Mocktail uses butterfly pea flowers to create a gorgeous blue and purple drink. Steep the flowers with boiling water, then freeze the colorful liquid in ice cube trays. When it’s time to assemble your drink, blend the butterfly ice, then top with citrus and seltzer.

Adults only: Add gin to transform this colorful herbal drink into a garden tea party cocktail. 

Passion Fruit Mocktail

Perfect for a summer patio drink, an outdoor party or for when you’ve craving something tart and tropical, this Passion Fruit Mocktail recipe from Plant Based Jess will transport your entire family to the beach. Make a homemade passion fruit simple syrup, then combine it with your tropical juice of choice and top it off with a splash of your favorite bubbly seltzer or soda. 

Virgin Strawberry Mojito 

Simply muddle strawberries, mint, lime and sugar to bring out their natural flavors. Add ice, lemonade and garnish with fresh mint leaves, lime or strawberries. Try substituting a variety of fruits and juices to find your go-to mojito mocktail! 

Adults only: Add your choice of white rum to make this a sweet twist on a classic cocktail. 

Cherry Bomb

Shirley Temples and Kitty cocktails are classic mocktails for a reason, and this Cherry Bomb recipe by Julie’s Eats & Treats adds a new simple, four-ingredient mocktail to the roster. Start with your favorite lemon-lime soda, add a splash of grenadine and lime juice, then add all the maraschino cherries your heart desires. 

Adults only: Add your favorite vodka to this recipe for a refreshing, bubbly cocktail. Using cherry- or citrus-flavored vodka will bring out the cherry bomb’s flavors. 

Blackberry Fizz

Many people don’t drink alcohol for health reasons, but this booze-free drink packs in even more health benefits by using blackberries as the star of the beverage. Muddle honey, mint, lime and, of course, blackberries — which are loaded with vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants — then add ice and a sparkling beverage of your choice. 

Adults only: Replace the sparkling beverage with a white or sparkling wine for a blackberry wine spritzer. 

Blue Lagoon Blossoms

Frozen drinks like mudslide, pina coladas and jumbo frozen margs can often feel like a dessert instead of a refreshing drink — and that’s why we love them! Treat your family to these Blue Lagoon Blossoms. The smooth, frozen drink is made with vanilla ice cream, blue curacao and lemon-lime soda, then garnished with all the festive fruit toppings.

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